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All American Constitution Show, Jr(grades K-2)
Diversity, Citizenship and Patriotism

Elementary School Assembly Program

social studies assembly programA fun interactive thirty-five minute social studies program that explains diversity, citizenship and patriotism to younger students - on their level. This constitution school show is best suited for grades K - 2 (click HERE for grades 3 and up).

This program gives elementary schools the opportunity to enjoy and learn from an awesome educational social studies assembly, constitutional assembly program with puppets, music and fun for their younger students.

If you are looking for a Constitution Day Assembly program for grades 3-6 click HERE to learn about our All American Constitution Show for that age group.

Here is what your K-2 students will learn:

Diversity: A lesson in tolerance and respect. Being born with a birth defect (his right hand missing three fingers and shorter than his left) Richard brings his hands to life as a puppet to explain how everyone is different and in the United States, everyone, no matter who they are, has the same opportunities and freedoms.elementary citizenship and patriotism assembly program

Citizenship: Students learn that being a good citizen means to work together and help one another. They learn that good citizenship is kindness and fairness to all. A good citizen respects and honors their community and their school.

Patriotism: Here they learn that there is more to patriotism than waving a flag. They are taught in order to be patriotic one must be honest, trustworthy, and willing to help others in need.

We also offer a fun worksheet and coloring sheet when booking the program.

"Your Core Democratic, Constitution School Assembly Program was engaging to all age levels. I loved the information you presented that fit the younger students and all the valuable constitutional information that our older students need for testing. Your program not only fit in with our constitution day celebration and objectives but it also brought the constitution to life educating and entertaining our students and teachers.

Diversity is a big thing in our school. When you opened your constitution assembly program with what Diversity is and how we as Americans embrace Diversity. It hit home here at Greenwood School. I am so happy that we chose your Core Democratic Values, Constitution Assembly Program to kick off our school year with a red white and blue bang."
Mrs. Patricia Balmas, Greenwood School




Click HERE if you have booked with us and want to download the activities sheets.

Testimonial from Danville Elementary in New Hampshire


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